XLR connectorHere are some links that may be of interest to audio recording enthusiasts and music geeks alike. Dapper Sound is not sponsored by any of these folks; I'm just a big fan of what they do! ^_^

ZAC Recording - The best recording studio in Atlanta! Great staff, awesome gear, cool vibe and incredible tracking and mixing rooms. Check them out!

Red Tuxedo Mastering - Alex is an amazing recording and mastering engineer, not to mention really cool and a pleasure to work with. Super highly recommended for mixing, mastering, sound for film, or anything else that involves sound waves!

Universal Audio - Purveyors of high quality audio hardware AND software. Their plugins are stunningly great. Like, "pick your jaw up off the ground" great.

Pensado's Place - The excellent weekly show where world famous mix engineer Dave Pensado interviews luminaries in the business and gives his valuable insight on all things recording. Truly an audio geek's dream come true!!

Peluso Microphone Lab - Not to be confused with aforementioned Dave Pensado, John Peluso builds incredible microphones closely modeled after the most sought-after vintage microphones ever made. Not only can I vouch that these mics sound absolutely incredible (particularly the 2247 and the P67), but they also cost much less than the expensive vintage models!

Seventh Circle Audio - Really great microphone preamps that you build yourself! The N72 model in particular (though I have heard great things about the other models) sounds fantastic and is a great Neve alternative for those who cannot afford classic mic preamps but want a similar sound.

Apple - Everyone I know who has "switched" from Windows to Mac is still using Macs today. Coincidence, or are Macs just really, really awesome? You decide!

Bruce Swedien - A true legend in the audio engineering world! The guy who recorded Michael Jackson's Thriller and has spent his 50+ year (and counting!) career working with countless amazing artists, has elevated the art of recording and mixing music in innumerable ways. When Bruce shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, all audio engineers should pay careful attention!